Embrace Technology in Your Airbnb Business

Embrace Technology in Your Airbnb Business

As Malaysia’s tourism industry continues to flourish, short-term rental operators are presented with a prime opportunity to capitalise on the growing demand for unique accommodations. In a competitive market, leveraging technology can be the key to standing out, enhancing guest experiences and optimising operations. 

Here are some effective strategies to incorporate technology into your short-term rental accommodation (STRA) business in Malaysia:


1. Digital Door Locks: Ensuring Security and Convenience

In Malaysia, safety and security are paramount considerations for both hosts and guests. Digital door locks offer an advanced solution to traditional key-based entry systems, enhancing security and convenience.

Installing a digital door lock allows hosts to grant guests secure, keyless access to the property. This eliminates the need for physical keys and mitigates the risk of unauthorised entry or key loss. Hosts can avoid the inconvenience of coordinating face-to-face key exchange and are able to accommodate guests arriving at any hour without the need to be on-site.

In collaboration with Reyhut, MyRehat’s digital door lock provider, we offer an affordable solution to hosts starting from RM100 per month per unit. This will allow hosts to enjoy a complimentary QR check-in device, Passcode Smartlock and free integration of the system at no extra cost.

(Source: REYHUT)


2. Smart Home Integration: Enhancing Comfort and Convenience

Malaysia’s tropical climate and vibrant culture make it a popular destination for travellers seeking immersive experiences. Smart home integration can elevate the guest experience by offering personalised comfort and convenience.

For example, investing in smart lighting systems can create ambience and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, allowing guests to customise lighting settings that suit their preferences. If budget is not a constraint, providing voice-activated assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa can offer hands-free control over various smart devices, thus providing guests with information about local attractions, weather updates and even facilitating language translations. These features cater to the diverse needs of international guests and contribute to a more memorable stay.

Airbnb also reported a significant 30% boost in bookings for properties equipped with smart home gadgets such as thermostats, lighting systems and voice-activated assistants, underscoring the appeal of modern amenities to travellers.


3. Mobile Payment Solutions: Facilitating Seamless Transactions

Cashless transactions are increasingly becoming the norm, driven by the rise of e-wallets and mobile payment platforms. Integrating mobile payment solutions into your Airbnb business streamlines the booking process and enhances convenience for guests.

By accepting e-wallets like GrabPay, MAE or Touch ‘n Go, hosts can offer guests a secure and hassle-free payment experience. This not only eliminates the need for cash transactions but also caters to tech-savvy travellers who prefer digital payment methods.

Furthermore, integrating mobile payment solutions can help hosts attract a broader range of guests, including domestic and international visitors who may not have access to traditional banking services.


4. Localisation and Personalisation: Catering to Cultural Preferences

Here where cultural diversity is celebrated, curated experiences resonate deeply with guests. Technology can facilitate localisation and customization that allows hosts to cater to various customers’ backgrounds.

For instance, automated messaging platforms like Smartbnb or Your Porter App can handle guest communications, sending personalised messages at every stage of the guest journey from booking confirmation to check-out instructions. These tools can also provide timely responses to common guest queries, ensuring a seamless experience and reducing the workload for hosts.

MyRehat is also integrating AI Chatbot into our booking platform to increase efficiency and provide personalised assistance including instantaneous responses to our customers’ inquiries, booking assistance and information retrieval.


5. Enhanced Security Measures: Protecting Your Investment

To strengthen the protection of your properties, hosts can implement other security measures such as outdoor surveillance cameras, smart alarm systems and smart sensors for smoke and carbon monoxide detection.

Surveillance cameras provide a visible deterrent to potential intruders and can help monitor the property for any suspicious activity. Meanwhile, smart alarm systems can notify hosts and authorities of unauthorised entry or emergencies, enabling a swift response to mitigate risks.


Smart sensors offer an added layer of safety, alerting guests and hosts to potential hazards before they escalate into emergencies. These proactive measures demonstrate a commitment to guest safety and can enhance the overall reputation of your STRA business.

In a nutshell, technology has transformed the landscape of short-term rentals and Airbnb businesses in Malaysia and beyond. Incorporating technology into your STRA business in Malaysia is essential for staying competitive and meeting the evolving needs of today’s guests. 

Depending on your hosting budget, harnessing the power of technology can unlock the full potential of your properties and establish yourself as a leader in the burgeoning hospitality landscape of Malaysia. Just like MyRehat, we are continuously moving towards digitalisation and leveraging technology to enhance security, streamline operations and delight our guests. 

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