We Offer Airbnb Insurance for Hosts

Myrehat offers insurance coverage for travel, personal belongings, and property management, providing hosts with protection for their vacation rental, rental income, and valuable investment.

  • Find insurance coverage that suits your property needs
  • Save money on your current investment property coverage
  • No phone calls or any unnecessary hassle.

- What MyRehat Offers


Personal Belongings

Property Management


Here are 3 simple steps:

1. Our Strategy Consultants will analyse the best target market based on the property location.

2. We will then share insights on the surrounding unit rental rates.

3. Choose your preferred theme with our recommendations on the most suitable designs based on the targeted tenant.

Here are 4 simple steps:

1. Our Design Consultants will discuss with you your current budget to realistically set what can be achieved.

2. We will then enquire about your lifestyle so the makeovers can be more suited to your needs.

3. At this point, our Design Consultants will also discuss your storage needs to plan ahead for your built-in cabinets.

4. Lastly, select the key furniture of your choice i.e. designer lights, tv cabinets, dining sets and sofas.

Generally, fully furnishing your rental property is the best approach to achieve good ROIs. However, if you prefer a semi-furnished unit, we suggest opting for contractors as it is more cost-effective. We charge a fixed rate for project management and supervision costs which may render our services not as attractive.

A semi-furnished unit is highly likely to require a long wait for rent due to high competition as the market is abundant with them. We humbly suggest reconsidering your approach to a fully furnished unit.